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that was it
2004-10-26 - 12:23 a.m.

What I was vaguely hunting around for in the last entry:
It's positively shocking how much Mephit reminds me of Lia, in person. Because, I found mephit's diary through lia's originally, I think, or when I found mephit's I realised she was friends with lia... so I always associated them with each other, BUT, in their diary personas they are totally unlike each other. Different writing styles, different sorts of opinions on stuff... not to say that they have nothing in common but a definite study in contrasts.
HOWEVER, the in-person presence of each is remarkably similair to the other. Just... something. I don't know. Mystical aura type stuff. Um.
Speaking of meetings, I had a very interesting meeting today. Went to see a very good old English friend (not old as in an old person, old as in, I know from the days of old... about 20 years or something close to it... anyway) and I had to leave to get my bus and his girlfriend arrived on the same bus, so, I sort of "met" her by waving to her through the glass before she got off the bus and before I got on... if you see what I mean. I had to hurry away... anyway. It was a unique experience because I was sort of meeting someone for the first time and saying goodbye to them all together... ah. I need better writing skills to do this sort of thing. The writing portion of my brain seems to have atrophied somewhat during my travels. I guess I've been doing other things besides which I wouldn't normally... anyway. Hmph.
"Me and her went for a ride sir
And ten innocent people died" - Bruce Springsteen

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