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2004-11-02 - 12:28 a.m.

I have just written a long entry about my visit to Paris, the fablulousness of the people I went with, and questions of how to express past tense expressions of present tense statements, and now it's all gone because of some stupid spyware highjacker spam thing. This fills me with a mixture of homicidal rage and sadness.
Um, main points recap: persons unnamed are extremely FABLULOUS. Paris is awesome but expensive, but totally awesome beyond words. Not FABLULOUS though. And it's hard to know how to say that someone said something that they said in the present tense, in the past tense. That was it, really. But before it got accidentally erased I said it with much more elan. :(
"In that last hour of need we entirely agreed
Sacrifice was the code of the road" - Bob Dylan
By the way, to anyone who reads this who is in the business of writing browser highjacking programs: do you think anyone is actually going to buy your crap because their browser got highjacked by your virus? The general public might be stupid, but anyone that stupid is going to have trouble turning on a computer, let alone earning money. Something to think about while you while away the hours writing garbage programs to leech off other people's software. :@
While I'm feeling sour: please, America, vote the right thing.

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