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2004-11-18 - 3:38 p.m.

It snowed in Oslo last night. It was so, so stunningly beautiful, I felt overwhelmed with happiness. This sort of beauty must act as some compensation to the locals for the unbearable cold and unspeakable expense. I bought 3 biscuits and a bottle of water for A$10. I'm planning to live on my fat stores for the remainder of my time here. :|
Today I was walking around in Frogenparken looking at all the sculptures (which are teh awesome, btw, pics later) and I slipped on some ice and a bottle of vodka I had in my bag - Hungarian paprika vodka, no less - smashed. Also, I was a bit shocked or something and I screamed. Anyway, unpacking my bag and cleaning out the vodka and broken glass in the freezing cold was no fun. Ah well. Also, I felt rather humiliated walking back to the hostel with the smell of vodka heavy on me, convinced that everyone around me was looking at me and thinking "drunkard!" to themselves...
Really, though, the beauty of the snowfall last night makes up for everything. To the people I live here I guess this is just a commonplace thing but, yeah, I was really transported by it. And there's something about seeing a group of happy screaming kids having a snowball fight... I don't know. I'm a lucky boy.
"Roland was a warrior from the land of the midnight sun
With a Thompson gun for hire, and fighting to be done" - Warren Zevon

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