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tray table
2004-11-24 - 3:21 p.m.

There's this bit in this song by Weird Al Yankovic that I think will never leave me. The song is called "Albuquerque" and it's basically a series of silly non-sequiturs, but there's this one section where he's travelling in a plane and the plane catches fire and explodes in a massive ball of flame but he survives, because, as he sings:
"I had my tray table up
And the seatback in the full upright position"
Now, every time I get on a plane and hear them tell me to put my tray table up then that song goes through my head.
Just got an email from my mother describing a health scare my dad had. Sounds like it might have been a heart attack or might have been something else. Scary. I don't want my parents to get old or die, but... well, there's not much of an alternative, is there?
Looking forward to being home so much. I'll be in London tomorrow. Seems like ages since I left even though it's been just a few weeks.
"I hate Sauerkraut" - Weird Al Yankovic

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