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at it again
2004-12-14 - 3:14 p.m.

Um, so, yeah. Here I am at uni, writing an entry. The guy on my left is playing tetris. It seems really weird to me that you would go to the library to use their computers to play tetris. I mean, if you like tetris that much, what are the chances you don't have a computer at home?
Um. Oh, right. Ok, so, I'm riding my bike in to uni, along a kind of path that goes along the edge of a golf course, through some trees with low branches so I'm kind of hunched down a little bit... anyway, it's not until the last moment that I see... oh wait, on the right I've got a golf course, yeah? And on the left is Anzac parade, which is like, a great big 6 lane highway... six lane or four lane? No, it must be at least six. It's bloody huge. Anyway, so I'm cycling along and then I suddenly see something moving on the path ahead of me so I put on the brakes and I can't believe it because what I see is a a duck and her ducklings. They're walking across the path, doing that cute little thing where they all walk along in a line like on a postcard or something. It's so damn cute I can't believe it. The other thing I'm wondering is, where did they come from? They're walking from left to right but that would suggest they've just crossed the highway which seems highly unlikely. So, they must have come down from the golf course and then tried to cross the highway and just given up as I arrived. Still, duck with three little ducklings following her: not something I see every day and so cute.
Um, in other news, I'm really just killing time at the moment. If money comes on thursday, I will be able to breathe easy. If it doesn't come on thursday, I will have to panic. Panicking is no fun but I'm sure that enough panic and I'll be able to get some money, which, yeah, I don't need all that urgently but which would help me to not feel so bad about people who I owe money to. Um.
I think before I left I was really overstuffing myself with music. I listened to a lot of music every day and it seemed like there was always a song in my head. I wonder if it didn't impede my ability to think about other things... anyway, I'm listening to a lot of music again but I'm trying to be a little more restrained than before.
"I will leave you darling
If you ask me to
But before you do
Let me shelter you" - Steve Young

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