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2005-03-30 - 12:31 p.m.

It's quite extraordinary to what degree my happiness is dependent on having a functioning bicycle. I can only imagine how I got through all those years of high school without one.
I wake up in the morning feeling rotten and that feeling basically stays with me all day. With regular exercise, I do not feel this way. Hopefully, one week from today I will be able to afford a new bike. Until then, I suffer. :(
Also, I really hate marking. You'd think that in a situation where I'm offerring non-graded feedback and that submitting the work is not compulsory, people who've done nothing would not submit the nothing for feedback. But they have. They did. What am I to tell these people? "You have done nothing" somehow has an unpleasant ring to it. I don't want to be nasty to them because, after all, I can be pretty lazy myself. But it's not ok to let them think that what they're doing is ok, because if I do they will fail the course and then wonder why they didn't get more warning...
Ah me, oh my.
People with whom one can talk openly about one's feelings are a precious treasure. Take care of those people, whoever they are.
"I told myself it was all something in her
But as we drove I knew it was something in me" - Bruce Springsteen

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