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2015-06-02 - 2:48 p.m.

"Therapeutic index" is a concept describing the ratio between an effective dose of a drug and a toxic dose of the same. TI is toxic dose / effective dose, so the higher the TI is, the more easily that drug can be used safely. Vit C is needed in fairly small amounts in order to sustain health, and it takes very, very large amounts relative to that to cause any ill effects. Selenium, OTOH, is also good for you, but if you take about 6 times the recommended dose every day for a while, you'll start to experience toxicity.
Anyway... I think I have a problem with the TI of friendship. I need to have friends and to spend time with them in order to not become crazy. On the other hand, too much of "people" and I feel worn out and resentful. And the difference between "not enough" and "too much" seems so narrow and so difficult to control.
I can hear a distorted sound, like a radio playing very softly, in the background.

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