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2015-11-30 - 7:38 p.m.

Someone I knew but didn't really know, but rather liked, has just been killed in a car accident. I feel like I'm in shock. I feel like there ought to be something one does in a circumstance like this, but I have no idea what it is.
Well, I suppose what I'm doing is writing this.
She was a sweet, friendly, happy, sometimes difficult, sometimes erratic girl. She was an enormously talented artist. She was always very kind and thoughtful. It made me happy to see her. I didn't know her well and I didn't expect I ever would. She was more than a decade younger than me and, since I have a degenerative illness, the last thing I would have ever expected is that someday I might go to her funeral. The people who really loved her, visibly loved her so much. They must be wrecked. I am merely in shock.
Goodbye, Aya. I hope there's something more after this life, so that yours didn't just senselessly end.

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