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sore shoulders
2002-05-09 - 12:03 p.m.

Today I have four things to write. It's too much. Well, one of them isn't - hang on, I have three things to write. And one thing to read - well, several things to read. I don't actually know what I'm doing or what I'm talking about.


Back in the old diary, I wrote something every day as a kind of self-discipline, because I wasn't doing much of anything else. So I wanted to get into a stay in the habit of writing every day in order to feel like I was doing something with my day and by extension, with my life. Now I'm writing every day for my PhD, so that doesn't seem necessary anymore. So, I'm going to aim for a different sort of diary this time around, where I don't write every day, and instead try to make it so that every time I do write there's something worth reading. But... actually I'm a bit dubious about that second part. I don't really believe that good writing is a matter of intention. So, anyway, I'm moving to an intermittent-style schedule, or at least, that's my intention. God knows what will really happen.


"Like a Polish wanderer I travel ever onwards to your land

And were it not just for the jewels I'd close your hand" - David Bowie

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