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bid ends
2003-09-28 - 3:49 p.m.

Ok, I've run banners, I've attracted new visitors, they weren't impressed, and they left. Ah me, oh well. Yesterday in the paper it had a list of the best "blogs" on the net. I hate that fucking word. Anyway, mine wasn't in there. In fact, they didn't have anything from diaryland. I suspect that their list is not authoritative.


You know what? I like adventures. I like taking risks. What I hate is feeling as though everything is the same as it alwyas was and always will be. Everything the same. That's hell; that's why the world of money is so awful, because it turns everything into everything else. Sitting at this table can be an adventure, if I'm alive enough to what's going on. Hmm. Taking anything for granted is a danger, because you lose the adventure, you lose the mystery... writing is a great mystery. I've got no idea what makes the difference between good and bad writing. So much stuff I read in the paper - especially stuff that's meant to be funny - is just so fucking depressing because it's like, another one and another one. Another "joke". Ugh. I feel bad. There's this girl that I like. Or is there? I don't know. Adventures. If I don't do anything, there won't be any more adventures. A bad adventure is an adventure. Adventures are rightly called so only when there is the possibility that they might go badly. Anything where the outcome is guaranteed is not an adventure.


Right, that's it, I'm doing something.


"Talk softly tonight, little angel" - Bruce Springsteen

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