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2003-11-23 - 12:38 a.m.

I don't know what to write. I can't think of anything. What did I do today? I played with a little girl, who wanted me to pretend to be scared when she appeared around a door. I did. Um. A small bird got trapped in some netting near my room, so I went out to rescue it. It was one of those situations where the bird can't see what's in it's way, so it keeps flying into it... the netting was invisible to it for some reason. So I tried to shoo it down below the netting with a stick. At first it ignored me, but then it jumped onto the stick, and flew away below the netting. In the moment when it was actually on the stick that I was holding, it had a delicious kind of kinetic weight... I felt the connection between me and the bird. So I did something good today. I ate porridge. I re-read some essay that had large discrepancies between their tutor's marks and the mark I gave them, but for most of them it was hard to justify changing them by much. I went on a family excursion to see "Japanese Story" at the cinema. There were good moments, but it's not really a very good film, I think. Watched the last bit of the world cup. I made a bet on it yesterday, on a whim. I bet that the total number of tries would be two; I think I won. So I made some money by gambling; I don't think I've ever done that before. I don't really plan to again, but it's nice to have had the experience.


I'm recording the events of the day, so that I can read this later and remember what today was like. I wonder if I will remember, or if the words will just sit there, dead and flat on the screen?


"I'll do my crying in the rain" - Carole King

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