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An album
2004-01-02 - 10:50 p.m.



Today was a good day. Me and my younger sister recorded a "covers album", of sorts. It's of rehearsal quality, there are mistakes and failed experiments and whatnot, it was recorded in about the amount of time it takes to listen to... but I have something, now, sitting on my computer that I can just run off a copy of and give to people. Isn't that exciting? I feel happy about it.


1. Tweeter and the Monkey Man

Bob Dylan

Tithonus: Vocal & Electric Guitar Tithonus' Younger Sister: Bass

2. When the Spell is Broken

Richard Thompson

Tithonus: Vocal & Acoustic Guitar

3. Jesus Christ

Woody Guthrie

Tithonus: Vocal & E.G. T.Y.S.: Bass

4. Bird Dog

Felice & Boudleaux Briant

T.Y.S.: Vocal & A.G. Tithonus: Vocal

5. Shelter from the Storm

Bob Dylan

Tithonus: Vocal & E.G. T.Y.S.: Bass

6. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

Bob Dylan

Tithonus: Vocal & E.G. T.Y.S.: Bass

7. Hungry Heart

Bruce Springsteen

Tithonus: Vocal & E.G. T.Y.S.: Harmony Vocal

8. Red Clay Halo

Gillian Welch

Tithonus: Vocal & E.G. T.Y.S.: Bass

9. Thirty Years of Farming

Fred Eaglesmith

T.Y.S.: Vocal & E.G. Tithonus: A.G. (lead)

10. Black Tornado

Dan Bern

Tithonus: Vocal & E.G. T.Y.S.: Bass

11. Famous Blue Raincoat

Leonard Cohen

T.Y.S.: Vocal & A.G. Tithonus: A.G. (lead)


See, a track listing! A track listing for my album which I made! (With some help). Anyway. I'm happy and excited and, um, yeah.


"Things are changing faster than I can describe

All I really know to do is grab the wheel and drive" - Dan Bern

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