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2004-09-04 - 8:55 p.m.

Well, still loving Korea... I don't like looking for work, though. I didn't like it in Australia, either, so I guess it's hardly a surprise that I don't like it here... it's just... humiliating to have to sell yourself. I guess I just want people to already know how awesome I am without me explaining it to them, which makes me feel arrogant and weird.


Also... hmmm. Hmmm. I don't know, I like being a tourist in that it involves walking around looking at cool stuff and experiencing new things, but I don't really want to be a... like a "tourist", if you know what I mean. It feels unnatural to be... in a strange place and not have any real, um... like, you know. Like, where am I going? Why am I wandering around this war memorial? (Incidentally, the war memorial is amazing. It's HUGE... also, a lot less emphasis on "the tragedy of wasted lives at war" and a lot more emphasis on "ROK Forces Kick Arse!" and "North Korea is evil!!!"... both of which might be true, but they're not the kind of messages I'm used to from the Aussie style of war memorial...) So, yeah. I like it here, I'm getting used to being here, my grip on the language improves daily, but... well, I said I wanted to be here for 10 weeks because I figured that would be the minimum for getting meaningful work. But if I'm not going to get work, I don't want to just hang out here for two months being a "tourist"...


Hmm, what else? I am currently in correspondence with someone over a possible job, it looks a bit shaky since he's already asked me to rewrite my resume twice, but it's probably a good way to get my resume in shape for the next application... using Microsoft Word when all of the thingies are in Korean is quite a challenge. Ah well. We'll see, yes we will.


"I been farming on the share

And always I been poor" - Woody Guthrie

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