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advice needed
2004-11-09 - 4:27 p.m.

Ok, what if I got an unlimited European bus pass instead of trying to fly everywhere? Or, I could make individual bus journeys... or, I could fly. Hmm.
The problem with the super-budget flights is that it seems like everything goes through London. So you like, fly to London and then out to wherever it is you actually want to go... Hmm. Hmmmm. So far I have organised travel from Budapest to Berlin. After that I'm all unorganized. The thing I like about the bus pass idea is that it allows me to not plan things. At least, in principle. Places left that I want to go include Oslo, Nantes, and like, maybe the north of Spain/south of France. Um. At least my crazy friend with the donkey is no longer in France so I don't need to try to schedule that... hmm. Oh shit, I need to write to my mum, I forgot. Ok. Hmm.
Does anyone else recognise the name "Gelert" from somewhere?
"Hmmm-mmmm-hmmm" - some Hungarian chick who's on the radio at the moment

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