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love and work
2003-12-07 - 12:57 a.m.

There's a nice idea in the Hillman book I'm reading that I thought I'd share. He says, identifying money as the reward for work is as pathological as identifying sex as the reward for love. If you actually get into your work, then work is immensely satisfying for its own sake, in the same way that loving someone is rewarding in its own right. I think that's beautiful; it's a reminder... I mean, partly it's a reminder that loving someone is actually something that you do, and that you don't do it in order to be loved in return... I guess in a sense you do it for the same reason you do work that you're passionate about; you do it because you sense that it needs doing.


Sometimes I think I've already learned everything I'll ever know, and the best things I read are just reminders... but maybe that's true of everyone. It's what Plato believes; our souls already know it all, they just need a little jostle to remind them of what they know... which is why discovering feels much the same as remembering does.


I think I struggle with concepts like "commitment" because I want to hold all kinds of aesthetically pleasing, beautiful romantic notions of love, but I don't want to be a fool about it; I want a concept that can survive a cynic's withering gaze. But maybe the only way to understand these things is to live them, which necessarily means being a fool... and being vulnerable to cynicism.


"Love, stimulated by illusions

More than any thing" - Joni Mitchell

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