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2004-10-24 - 3:11 a.m.

I remember when I would, very rarely, call my dad at the office when he was working, the secretary there would invariably say he was in a meeting. I had no idea then what "a meeting" really was - I knew what the word meant (of course!) but I didn't really have any kind of mental picture of what these meetings were. I guess I just had some vague notion of a group of important people sitting around discussing important stuff.
Martin Buber says, "All real living is meeting". I think that's what he says, anyway, a while since I read that thing.
Anyway, I make these preliminary comments about meetings because I have been doing a lot of meeting of people recently, including today when I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting both Mephit and Mr Mephit. I don't really know how to describe it; they met me at the station, and then there we were, walking along and talking about the weather. In retrospect I always worry that I'm no good at these things, that I've somehow failed to make the sort of first impression that one ought to make... but, really, it's just silly to worry about that stuff, innit? Being shy doesn't mean you'll come across as incompetent at portraying yourself as a confident person, it means you come across as a shy person... anyway. I've met a lot of people from diaryland, now... eight by my count, although perhaps that's out. I guess it sort of feels normal now but I don't think I could ever be blase about it...
Anyway, I don't think I can really describe my meeting with Mr & Mrs Mephit except to say that it was... nah, forget it, it's past three in the morning, the right words just aren't going to come.
"I went to see my doctor, such a waste of time
He gave me a bottle full of dope of some kind
He said 'Shake before use' but it just don't
Shake these blues" - Chris Smither

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